Exporting Minoo Products to Iraqi Market
Interview with the Managing Director of Azadegan Economic and Self-Reliance Company (In the Magazine of IRAN-IRAQ Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines);

“Exporting Minoo Products to Iraqi Market”

There has been a few years since Minoo, as one of the largest brands in the foods Industries of Iran has- been exporting its products to Iraq. the products of this Company arrive Iraq via Parvizkhan Border and the Iraqi companies distribute them in neighboring countries.
Petit Buerre, Tord, Sagheh Talaei, Rangarang, Pofak Namaki snacks, cake powder, Chic chewing gums and wafer  are the products of Minoo that are being exported to Iraq. In addition to neighboring countries that have always been promising consumption markets for Minoo products, the products of Minoo are being exported to Africa, Canada, Japan, China and Australia as well.
The managing director of Azadegan Economic and Self-Reliance Company that is the holding owner of Minoo Industrial Group gave news on producing new foods and pharmaceutical products in Minoo Brand.
Dr. Farhad Ramezan discussed the situation of Minoo Holding in capital market and added: "Many companies  become victims of political or economic fluctuations  and challenges as they make investments and work  only on one market, for example, petrochemical, drugs or cement; however. Minoo Holding has been able to break down the investment risk by investing in a various area and thus, it has minimized risk   to the stockholders. During different trading periods, this holding has been able to maintain its profitability success.
One of the other advantages of Holding Minoo is the history records of the companies of this Holding that goes back to more than five decades. For this reason, the cost price f these companies is very low and inexpensive. Therefore, if the market faces challenges under the impact of financial crisis of the society or the region, Minoo self-reliance holding has the option of exiting its non-productive asses to gain income."
Updating the value of holding companies.
In continuation, Ramezan said: "More than half of the companies of this group are not enlisted in stock exchange organization (SEO) yet. The certain matter is that by enlisting those companies in capital market, 'the parent stockholder' will gain income and wealth. Ghasem Iran Distribution Company, which is one of the companies under umbrella of the Holding Complex is starting to be ensiled in stock market. This process  causes new income potentials shape for this holding. "
Joint health as the core of production
The managing director of Minoo Industrial Group Companies Holding introduced the products and capabilities of this complex and stated: Minoo is the leader in foods industries. Minoo brand has communicated with  different generations in its 55 years of old and many Iranians trust this brand. Minoo pays a serious attention to the health of its customers and has always tried to market the best and healthiest products; for this reason, for the first time in Iran, Minoo has started producing sweets, chocolates and chewing gums by using dates. Iran is the second dates prouder in world and unfortunately, each year, more than 40 percents of its dates produces are lost as wastes. Minoo has used this capacity and  by aiming at promotion of society health and crating added value in the dates, it launched its "Minoo Dates Sugar Company" in Shiraz.  This company produces various types of products such as liquid sugar form dates, dates honey, dates juice, Sagheh Talaei biscuit with dates sugar, concentrate, dates cookies, Gaz and Toffee by using dates sugar.
Minoo, as the first company in the Middle East that uses Probiotic  in producing cookies, chocolates and snacks. Minoo is also the first Iranian company that produces sugar free gums. This company is using dates paste and juice instead of sugar in producing its cookies in order to lower calorie consumption in its products. Minoo Khorramdarreh is using the most updated and recent pastries and cookies baking technologies in the world introducing cake pies.  With respect to people's confident to Minoo produces, we have tried to provide the snack market with  "Minoo Pofak" with highest quality and least negative impacts. Minoo products use real cheese with the least amount of oil. In addition, the Probiotic method has led to providing the market with healthy products as it could be claimed that Minoo Pofak has higher food value in comparison with its competitors" added Ramezan.
Ramezan noted: "Presently, Minoo is the sole producer of peanut filling sticks in Iran. Producing a biscuit for infants as breast milk supplement is also put in the agenda and will be marketed soon. In addition, due to high market of potatoes chips in Iran, in near future, Minoo potato chips will be produced with suitable standards and benefitting from low trans-acid oils and the loyal customers of Minoo will be able to consume this product with  more relaxed mind."
Arrival of Minoo into Global Markets
Ramezan pointed out the commercial activities of Minoo Complex and said, " Minoo products, in addition to the neighboring countries that have always been a good market for Minoo Products, are also exported to Africa, Canada,  Japan, China and Australia as well. The commercial companies under umbrella of holding complex; too, have the responsibility of importing some  products for the society and Iranian producers and they; too, have been showing good records in recent years.   For easy access of Iranian citizens to the products of this Brand, Minoo has developed its warehouses in Qazvin, Gorgan, Urmia, Isfahan,  Zahedan, Khuzestan and other regions in the country. We hope that by using those facilities and Ghasemiran powerful distribution network, we will be able to supply our customers with best quality in shortest time and least costs." Ramezan added.
In conclusion, Ramezan emphasized, "Minoo has also made very justified investments in housing, transportation, cement and commercial services as well."

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