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آیکون بار محصولات مینو
Minoo Fars Co.

  Minoo Manufacturing Company (Public, Joint-Stock) was established in 1972 and began its activitied in 1974. It is one of the biggest factories  manufacturing food products in the middle Eeast. 50 years ago, when the Company, was established in Iran , it had not even one competing factory in supply of food products.

Products of Minoo Company, include biscuits , toffee, candies, wafers, cakes, chocolates , puff snack and Industrial flour,with the highest quality. The officials of the company with a long. 35 years experience in the industry, have taken long Steps towards development of the food industry and goining the state of the art, opening new  markets aligned with world markets and the tastes of consumer.

Becaus in capitalism and developed countries  high sensitivity exist to children and  due to using sugary Sweets and its effect on teeth, so the production of sugar-free products have been faced a lot of welcome. Twards that end, Minoo Date Sugar Manufacturing  complex,  with the purpose of production of types of products from natural date sugar , is a company affiliated to Pars Minoo one of the biggest and more experienced manufacturers of food, medicine, Cosmetic and hygienic products of Iran,was registered in 1386 and produced in 1389 .In fact The company ’s activities  in field of producing Date liquid sugar, date  . syrup, animal feed, date Juice concentrate and by products that are used in food industries