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PERSUISSE EXPORT CO. established in 1970 as main & professional export company of Minoo industrial group.  We have long experience in exporting of Minoo group's products. And also it has customers from all over the world as Switzerland, Germany, England, France, Canada, Africa, and Australia, some of our neighbor's countries for instance Turkey, U.A.E, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Middle East countries.
In recent years it has tried to supply and prepare Minoo group products based on customers' satisfaction by using best managements & its long experience. By the way Persuisse Export Co. is ready to cooperate with all other manufacturers on exporting services.


1.    Minoo Industrial Co.
2.    Parsminoo Industrial Co.
3.    Ghasemiran Co.
4.    Economy & Khodkafayi Azadegan Co.