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Minoo Group managements & Persuisse exporting company according to the long experience, ability, skills, and specified exporting strategy have provided plans & long, medium, and short target terms to expand exporting of Minoo group products. In order has tried to use latest international e-commerce and verity of business ways to achieve the objectives of development, and growing of exporting Minoo Group products to market targets more than ever.
The following pointed schedules are as the affairs which have been emphasized in our process:  
1. Development of directly export of minoogroup products.
2. Expanding and Making a variety of Minoo products package by providing of the supplement products from other famous manufacturers.
3. Caring about customer satisfaction, and supporting them for mutual cooperation interest, pay attention to market conditions &  distributing, delivering on-time
4. Supplying customers & market's demands quickly and at due time, manufacturing new products based on market demand's quantity and quality 
5. Surveillance, Supervision, organization, and management to export Minoo products indirectly. 
6. Using of direct investing ways in target markets, and the advantages
7. Grow up of quality & increase of economical products
8. Trying of achieving local & international standards 
9. Rresearching and expanding of nutritious & healthful productions more than before
10. Usage of up-to-date technology, methods for the best production