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History of Choco Pars Co.
Choco Pars Co. launched its operation in the year 1962 by producing several chocolate products and at the present time this company is manufacturing different products including simple chocolate, filled chocolate, chocolate dragee , winter icecream, different type of natural fruit concentrate, breakfast chocolate, tube chocolate, different type of drink powder, cake powder, jelly powder with different fruit flavor and chocolate powder. The name of our company at first was Choco Mars under license of famous Mars Co. and after Islamic Revolution the name of our company was changed to Pars and Choco Pars in which by benefiting from modern and advanced machineries, expertise of competence personnel that are of our main capital; a unit equipped with research, development and quality control has the goal of manufacturing high quality products. In order to create managerial system which prevents from deficiencies and problems within organizational performance cycle, the management of company established quality management system in the year 1997 and on Jan of the same year we successfully received ISO 9002 certificate from QMI Co. for all of our products. In the way of this goal on Jan 1999 our system was improved to ISO 9001 version 2000 and by benefiting from this system our main goal is to increase quality of products, innovation of products and customer satisfaction.
Future Plans of Management:
1- Equipping packaging machines to increase quality of products and increasing manufacture efficiency, decreasing final price and increase presence in market
2- Fundamental view point to quality of products of Choco Pars Co. by using high quality raw materials
3- Attempt in the way of improving Choco Pars brand in market
4- Having human work force training system
5- Continuous improvement of system
6- Revision and up to dating BOM for manufactured products
7- Effective cooperation with group companies to use from their unused capacity 
8- Attempt in the way of exporting manufactured products by using facilities of group companies