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آیکون بار محصولات مینو
The history of East Minoo Food Industrial co. :

East Minoo Food Industrial co. was established in 1994 and is located in Zahedan, capital city of Sistan and Balochestan province a. This company is known as the first and the biggest automatic manufacturer of  biscuit and crackers, carbonated soft drink, snack , cake and cookie producer in east and south east of the country.
Available products of  the company are :
-  All kind of biscuit ( digestives , creamed digestivs, petit beurre , creamed andcrackers ).
- Different  kind of gaseous drinks ( colas , orange , lemon , lemonade and strawberry )
- Ordinary gaseous , diet and low calories, gaseous churned sour milk , nongaseous  chumed sour milk , water and popcorn .
production  Capacity of  above  products:

Biscuit and crackers  with 15000 ton annual production capacity.
Popcom  with  1000  ton  annual production capacity.
Drinks  with  30.000.000 liter  annual production capacity.

Goals of Company:
1- Creating useful and social effective employment for people of zone
2- Assistance to meet food needs of students
3- Assistance to meet food needs of people of zone
4- Exporting products to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Countries Surrounding Persian Gulf and Middle East Countries