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آیکون بار محصولات مینو
Minoo Industrial Co. (Public Joint Stock)

Minoo Industrial Co. (Public Joint Stock) is one of the greatest manufacturer factories in the field of food materials in Middle East that was established in the year 1972 at Khoramdareh zone located at 85th km of Zanjan road with area of 54 hectare and launched its operation in the year 1974 and at the present time has daily manufacture capacity nearly 300 ton different products including different type of biscuit, toffee, candy, wafer, cake, chocolate, snack and also manufacturing industrial flour at Minoo Flour Factory. Some of the fulfilled projects and plans in our company are follows: 
•    Manufacturing cream Saghe Talaei biscuit with daily manufacture capacity of 70 ton 
•    Manufacturing Saghe Talaei biscuit with daily manufacture capacity of 200 ton
•    Manufacturing Saghe Talaei biscuit with flavor of olive and honey for the first time in Iran
•     Launching production line of Pandin or cup cake
•    Launching product called peni wafer
•    Manufacturing new product of Paniz
•     Launching bosh line with achieving to new products of santafe and tow & tow with daily manufacture capacity of 24 ton
•     Launching new production line of product called Adman, revision and reconstruction of manufacture and access process to daily capacity of 220 ton flour. It is to be noted that launching production line of new product called Atlas Cake which is best selling and most popular European brand with daily manufacture capacity of 15 ton is the plans and projects of our company which is under execution.


1- Achieving to market leadership through meeting consumer demands and therefore increasing customer satisfaction and also having system of investigating to complaints and criticisms
2- Qualitative and quantitative improvement of organizational performance and improving productivity 
3- Increasing manufacture besides preparing grounds to manufacture high quality new products in accordance with customer expectations
4- Increasing sale and market share and improving customer satisfaction from products and services of company
5- Improving skill and expertise of employees as most important capital of company with planning and offering continuous suitable and effective training courses 
6- Continuous improvement of processes and current activities through preparing resources and solutions including team work, suggestion system 
7- Creating useful and effective social employment for people of zone 
8- Assistance to meet food needs of students 
9- Assistance to meet food needs of people of zone 
10- Exporting products to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Countries Surrounding Persian Gulf, Middle East
Managing Director of our company will attempt hard to improve all organizational activities within framework of organizational processes and regularly in order to be sure from complete and effective execution of this system; some sessions under title of Revision Sessions with the Goal of Improving Activities & Advancement of Projects are held by responsible persons to regularly supervise over this system.
Our company by special strategies of group managers and required provisions announces its readiness to offer export services for other food material companies and at the present time a company in the field of exporting food materials is continue to show its export abilities