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آیکون بار محصولات مینو
Introducing Group:
Pars Minoo Industrial Co. was founded by Mr. Ali Khosrowshahi in 1959 with the mission of:
1- Manufacturing food products including different type of wafer, snack, stick, gum, toffee, cake, soft drink, mineral water and juice 
2- Manufacturing drug products including different type of cough mixer, tablet and ointment 
3- Manufacturing cosmetic and health products including different type of shampoo, cream, perfume and adu de toilette 
4- Manufacturing food, drug, cosmetic and health products and nearly 60 other productive companies all through Iran and 22 distribution centers

1- Improving environmental, personal and machineries health through reconstruction of single manufacture hall, reconstruction of snack manufacturing machines, changing clothes of personnel and having disinfection system at the entrance of manufacture hall
2- Improving quality of bread and wafer through amending water distribution system and conditioning room for bread and wafer
3- Increasing capacity of manufacturing colorful wafer up to 25% through buying a bread baking machine and developing manufacture hall
4- 100% reconstruction of warehouse to keep raw materials of snack
5- Developing culture of team work and knowledge of personnel through holding training courses including ISO 9001 quality management system, HACCP food safety management system and ISO 22000 as 20 persons hour in all levels
6- Receiving food safety management standard for 2 new production lines of snack and plat 
7- Decreasing percentage of plat salt as 3% through buying raw plat with decreased percentage of salt

Main Future Plans:
1- Inaugurating new production line of chocolate butter and judder chocolate 
2- Inaugurating new production line of molding chocolate with new technology 
3- Manufacturing Carmela wafer with different flavors
4- Manufacturing bitter chocolate 
5- Manufacturing sesame chocolate 
6- Manufacturing almond chocolate
7- Repeated inaugurating and manufacturing Persian coconut chocolate with amended formulation
8- Manufacturing new biscuits including enriched with fiber of date sap
9- Manufacturing biscuit for diabetes patients 
10- Manufacturing new type of Pettybour biscuits 
11- Manufacturing biscuit special for children 
12- Manufacturing different type of filled stick