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آیکون بار محصولات مینو

Speech of Managing Director:
As managing director and family member of Pars Minoo Co. ,I believe that whereas ever growing increase of change in the field of technology and economic affairs and at threshold of entering to global markets; explaining knowledge based strategy is the most important factor for solving problems of development; thus:
1- Attention to quality of product and their continuous improvement through establishing quality guarantee system and improving standard level of factory are of our principal goals
2- We believe that we are responsible for all of the customers who use from our services and products
3- We respect to the demands of customers and take step the meet their demands
4- Improving human resources, having competence orientation system, improving morale, public partnership through sharing personnel in result of their attempts, having useful competition, attention to talents and their growth are of our main goals
5- Attention to global markets and attempt to manufacture competitive and distinguish products is of our strategic goals
6- Application of modern technologies of world in the field of design, information management and automation system are of our most important solutions for being sure from our goals
At the end, indisputable superiority of our products in Iran food industry and converting Minoo as a international trademark is our final goals.